So, what is Wipster, you’re probably asking yourself. Essentially, Wipster is a piece of online ‘video collaboration’ software that acts as an efficient ‘go-between’ for the client and the video production company producing their video.

In The Past…

If you’ve ever produced or requested a video before, you’ve probably run across this very messy scenario…

The video producer completes the first draft of the requested video and sends if off nervously for the client to review. The client sees their new video and identifies several changes that they would like to be made.

What then follows is a complicated trail of lengthy and often confusing emails between the client and the video company trying to explain how, what and where changes are need, e.g. ‘at 1:30 could you please change…’ etc.

And then the video editor goes away and spends a lot of time cutting back and forth between the video and the client’s numerous emails checking for changes and where exactly to make them.

This can be a right old pain in the proverbial for both parties.

Enter Wipster…

Say goodbye to those messy email trails!

This “rapid review and approval platform” saves time and eliminates all need for lengthy descriptions and explanations in emails to get your message across.

How it works…

As I mentioned above, Wipster is an online review and approval platform which can be found at

When the first draft of the video is complete, the video company uploads it onto Wipster and sends their client a link to the uploaded video. The client can then watch the video through, pause the content wherever they like and make notes or comments pinpointed directly on to the video player.

It looks something like this:

Wipster Screenshot1

When the client notifies their video producer that they have finished reviewing and making their suggestions, the producer can then watch the video back and see the comments clearly and accurately exactly on the point of the video where the changes are required.

Once the changes are made, the producer can then tick the ‘complete’ box.

Wipster Screenshot2

If the producer is unclear on the changes the client has requested, then there is a reply feature included in the comments box where the producer can make their query clearly back to the client.

Wipster Screenshot3--

Testament to Wipster

Here at Visual8, we have been using Wipster effectively with our clients for the past six months and have found that it vastly increases the efficiency of creating top quality videos to the exact specifications of our clients.

But don’t just take our word for it! Check out these global brands that use wipster to improve their video content creation:

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