The Basics

Social video is a digitised medium meant to be shared among social channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and be a way to interact with your target audience. Such videos can be quite tricky to master as each channel possesses a different kind of audience. What works on one, may not work on another.

Extensive research should be pursued before embarking upon creating a video for social networks. Know your audience and find out what works for them. Make sure your video is also optimised for these channels. To find out more, “Web Designs” have written a very interesting article on the ins and outs of social video, which can be read here

The Benefits

So you’ve put in all this research and invested in making your video, now you need to know how social video can benefit you and your business. As stated in the article by “Web Designs”, although social media videos do not go viral, by just engaging a specified target audience, a high percentage of that audience could go on to become leads and eventually clients.

Video marketing is growing in the business world exponentially and social networks reach millions of viewers everyday. With these sorts of statistics, video marketing across the social networks is becoming too valuable an avenue of investment to pass up. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this compelling article by Hootsuite

How to be effective

There are many ways to be effective with social video and there are many techniques at your disposal. It is amazing how simple an effective marketing video can be to be successful. Simply having a humerous video can increase the chances of leads clicking on your page by 3x. This infographic from Adweek shows you how simple an effective video can be

Happy video marketing!!!

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