YouTube is the second largest search engine next to the almighty Google and has the second largest reach next to the likes of Facebook. That gives you a massive audience to play with when putting forth your marketing video. With so many eyeballs on YouTube, you want your video to stand out from the crowd and make the most of any potential leads that may be watching.

Below I am going to share five tips with you to make the most of the YouTube platform.

#1 Make sure you’re easy to find!

Make good use of targeted keywords and tags. They are an invaluable tool when it comes to visibility. The title of your video should include your key words. This practice should also extend to your video description. Don’t scrimp on it! Make it as long as you like, slipping in as much detail and as many keywords as possible (without sounding spammy!) to maximise your chances of being found. URLs are also a great tool to use, creating valuable backlinks to your website etc.

You can find more tips on how to use tags and keywords effectively on the Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog

#2 Advertise on other social platforms

YouTube has a huge audience to be sure, but don’t make the mistake of overlooking the other massive social media networks out there. Increase your reach by posting about your video on Facebook, getting likes and shares and increasing awareness, Tweet about it, blog about it! The sky is your limit!

#3 YouTube Ads

YouTube ads can be a great way to increase your reach. It doesn’t have to be expensive, and the ads function gives you many useful features with key targeting options for selecting your audience more efficiently and best of all offer analytics in YouTube Insight to see how your ad is doing. Find out more from the horse’s mouth: YouTube

#4 Look to your YouTube Insights

YouTube’s video analytics functionality, YouTube Insight, can be a key weapon in your marketing arsenal. Use this tool to see what is working, which of your videos gets the most engagement, who your audience is. It allows you to judge what content attracts the most interest and move forward with this learning to run with what works and prune back on what doesn’t. In short, it can turn your video marketing into a well oiled machine. Best of all you can also keep an eye on the competition to see what they are up to and how well their content is working. Check out what tubularinsights has to say on the matter

#5 Build a Brand

For your audience, credibility is everything. When consumers are looking for a company to solve a problem or fulfil a need, they want to be reassured of reliability and not see something that appears ‘thrown together’ by an odd-job person. Having a brand speaks of permanence and trust. Make sure your video displays your brand clearly with customised backgrounds, matching colours/designs etc. Put forward your best professional ‘foot’.

When combining all of the above, it is possible to make a great success of the YouTube platform. Always make use of the tools given and always, always pay attention to your audience.

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