So you’ve finally got your nice, glossy video. You’ve given life to your brand, tailored the best of scripts and put your best foot forward, but now… what do you do with it?

Here are three ways you can use your new video to the optimum advantage.

#1 On Your Landing Page

One obvious way to use your video is to embed it on the landing page of your website hosted by a player such as YouTube or Vimeo. When potential leads land on your website, you have seconds to grab and hold their attention before they click away. Having your video on your landing page can drastically increase the chances of catching a lead’s eye the moment they ‘set foot’ on your page.

Videos are a great way to explain your business up front, especially if you offer complicated products. Optimising your video on your landing page is important; sizing, whether or not to have auto-play, these can all be factors in the success of a landing page video. Word Stream has some great advice on the ins and out of how to make the best of landing page videos

#2 In Social Media

Using short videos on social media platforms is a great and really simple way of getting your message out there, reaching your valued follower and achieving likes and shares to spread your business message far and wide with the potential to go viral. Social media videos can be used to show off your skills, launch new products, show your customers ‘how to’. Using social video marketing is a great way to easily solve problems for your audience by showing them quickly and without any fuss, what you can do for them.

#3 In Your Emails

Embedding a video into your email campaign is a highly effective marketing tool. According to eMarketer 55% of marketers saw a boost in click through rates and engagement. Video emails stand out from the crowd and can also improve SEO standing, which is vital to your brand. Unsure of how to go about incorporating your video into your emails? Check out the advice from mailchimp here .

Happy video marketing!! Here’s to your…

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