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If you’re ready to start building your business, brand and audience online with video marketing, get in touch with us to see how we can help.

See How Video Marketing Can Help My Business


Video Marketing allows you to connect with your target audience and help them get to know your business and brand and what you can do for them.

By producing regular, high quality online video content that delivers amazing value to your viewers, you’ll be positioning your business in such a way that you’ll be building your brand awareness, leads and sales all day, every day.


We’ve designed our Video Marketing Packages as a way to help businesses build their brand using online video and we take on almost everything; each of our video marketing package includes:

YouTube Channel Management
Once we’ve set up your YouTube Channel, we’ll optimise it and keep it updated on an on-going basis

Quarterly Strategy Meetings
Each quarter we’ll get together with you to discuss our strategy for the next 90 days of your video marketing

YouTube Channel Art
We’ll design the artwork for your YouTube Channel, based around your business branding

Monthly Reports
Each month we’ll send you a detailed report on how each of your videos have performed over the past 30 days

Video Production
As well as marketing your videos for maximum exposure, we’ll also plan, script, film and edit them too

Video Marketing Strategy
Before we get started, we’ll take the time to put together a bespoke video marketing strategy for your business


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Step 1. Discovery Session

To create successful Video Marketing Campaigns, we first need to understand your business; what you do, who you serve, what makes you different from your competitors, etc. So the Discovery Meeting is where we sit down with you to find out as much as we can about your business, your goals and what you want to achieve from video marketing.

Step 2. Campaign Set-Up

To be able to create and manage your video marketing campaigns, we require access to a few of your online accounts, such as Google and YouTube. So at this stage this we sort out any required permissions if you have existing accounts, or we set up new accounts if you don’t currently have them.

This is also the stage where we setup  and optimise your YouTube Channel, as well design your YouTube Channel Artwork. Don’t worry though, we’ve made this process as straightforward and pain-free as possible for you; we take care of pretty much everything!

Step 3. Video Marketing Strategy Development

Having a solid video marketing strategy for your business is vital for you to see results and an ROI on your investment. So this is the stage where we take everything we learnt from our Discovery Meeting with you and develop a strategy to producing valuable video content that’s going to deliver results for your business.

Step 4. Video Production

Now we have the strategy in place, it’s time to start the video production process. You might be wondering why the video production stage is so far into our process; our answer is simple – in order to achieve success with video marketing, you need to have the foundations (strategy, content plan, etc. ) in place first.

During this stage we’ll write the scripts, create the storyboards, plan the shoot itself (logistics, etc.) film the video(s), and edit the video(s). You’ll be involved in this process too, so you’ll see the different edits and sign off each video before we publish and market it.

As part of your Video Marketing package, we’ll be producing regular video content, so the Video Production stage of the process is on-going.

Step 5. Upload, Optimise and Promote

Next, it’s time to get your videos online for your target audience to see. We have a variety of different techniques and strategies that we use to get your videos online and in front of your ideal customers; we won’t bore you with all the technical details, but it’s safe to say that our optimisation and promotion of your videos will result in more of your target audience seeing your video content.

Step 6. Review and Develop

Video Marketing is an on-going marketing strategy and it’s definitely not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. So we will carefully review how each of your video marketing campaigns are performing and analyse how they can be improved going forward.

At the end of each month we’ll send you a detailed performance report so you can see just how well your video marketing campaigns are doing.