Between the 17th and 25th of September, we filmed 17 Graduation Ceremonies for the University of Wolverhampton. The Ceremonies took place at the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre.

As well as filming the full Graduation Ceremonies, we also filmed the students putting on their Graduation robes and mortarboards. The next event to film was the procession of academics and special guests of the University, as they made their way from the University to the Grand Theatre.

Each Ceremony lasted between 60 and 90 minutes, with speeches from the Vice Chancellor, an Honorary Graduate, a representative from the Students Union and the Dean of the Faculty.

We used 2 Canon XF105 cameras to film the Ceremonies, whilst also live streaming the event so that family and friends of students graduating could watch the Ceremony on their computer or mobile device if they couldn’t make it on the day.

Once each Graduation Ceremony had finished we headed off to one of the University Buildings to film the Graduates and their friends and family celebrated their Graduation with complimentary drinks.

As well as filming each Ceremony, we are also editing each one, in full. The University will be posting each Ceremony video onto their YouTube Channel so that Graduates and their friends and family can watch their Ceremony again.

This has been a fantastic project to work on for the University, we thoroughly enjoyed the filming and the editing processes.