Selling any property can sometimes be a long and exhausting process. So the questions is, what can be done to showcase your property to a wider market and attract more potential buyers?

The answer…Property Video

This doesn’t mean ditch the traditional methods of property marketing, but more, use video as another tool in your property marketing arsenal. The use of photography has always been the traditional method of “showing potential buyers around properties”. The effectiveness of property photography has never been in questions, but that’s because there was never been a viable and more effective alternative. Until now…

With this in mind, here are our top 12 reasons as to why you should be using property video:

1. Property Tour

Unlike photographs, video takes the viewer on a tour through the property, showcasing the layout, space and special features

2. Perspective

Video opens up rooms in a property and creates a real sense of perspective – something that can’t be achieved with still photographs

3. Opportunity

Property video provides the viewer with an opportunity to imagine what they could do with the property and how they can make it their own

4. Connection

If viewers like what they see on the video they are far more likely to book a real-life tour of the property, as video creates an emotional attachment between the viewer and the property

5. 24/7 Viewings

Property video allows viewings to take place 24/7 and minimises the inconvenience of wasted viewings in person

6. Enhanced SEO

Google owns YouTube and it loves video! Meaning that your website hits will increase if you embed property videos on your website – the longer people stay on your website, the better it will be for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

7. Mobile Device Friendly

Our videos play seamlessly on iPad’s, iPhone’s and Android devices, meaning that you don’t miss out on the ever increasing traffic that comes from these kind of devices

8. Worldwide Exposure

Reaching a global audience, your property video will be viewable to local, national and international buyers

9. Property Portals

Include a link to your video from your Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location property listings

10. Social Media

With the power and reach of social media, you will be able to showcase your property video across all of your social media platforms

11. In-Store Display

Why not use your property video(s) on a TV in the window of your estate agency? This will show that you are serious about selling properties and another fantastic use of property video

12. Online Property Search

90% of people start looking for their ideal property online. Video can grab their attention right from the start and get them through the door for a real-life viewing.