As with many things in life, there are certain factors that come up again and again that hold businesses back from using video; the three most common are:

  1. Fear of the camera
  2. A perception that video is expensive
  3. Belief that it doesn’t work and isn’t worth the investment

Here are our ‘cures’ for the three barriers above:

1. Cure for ‘Fear of The Camera’

This cure is simple! You don’t have to appear on camera! Are you as a person what your customers are buying? If not, then would a professional on-screen presenter represent your business for you? Or perhaps one or two of your employees would jump at the chance of appearing on camera. If you are interested in having an animation video, then we don’t need a camera as everything is created on the computer; all we may need is a voiceover, which can be carried out by yourself or we have a selection of professional voiceover artists to choose from.

2. Cure for ‘A Perception that Corporate Video Production is Expensive’

Talk to us, talk to other people who have used video for their business and see what the costs are for yourself; you may well be surprised. Find out what you get for your money, how you can benefit from your investment and what the video production process is.

3. Cure for ‘The Belief That it Doesn’t Work and isn’t Worth The Investment’

Look at some of the statistics and research for online video. Let the facts speak for themselves. Listen to the conversation about online video on social media.

Whatever your thoughts are about corporate video production and whatever is holding you back from utilising the power it holds, we hope that the above information has been useful to you. But if you have any questions about corporate video production and how it can benefit your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us.