When you’re trying to tell the story of your business, your brand, your products and services or even yourself, your video will benefit greatly from having a strong, well thought out story behind it.

A well told story is an effective and powerful form of online video. More so than other formats of story-telling, video has the potential to really engage and connect with viewers (AKA, your potential customers), making you memorable and leaving an impression with them, that may convert into a sale for your business. Carry on reading to see our tips on how to tell an effective story in your corporate video.

How to Start Your Video

Depending on the direction of your video and your target audience, we have several suggestions below to get your video off on the right foot:

Idea 1: Introduce Yourself or Your Business

Introducing yourself may seem like an obvious, simple way to start your video, but it is an effective and efficient way of establishing a connection between your business and your potential customers. In order to hold their attention and keep them engaged, it is important that they buy in to what you are telling them and wanting to find out more about what your business can do for them.

Idea 2: Show That You Are an Expert in Your Field

It is clearly not enough to just address one potential problem; in order for your potential customers to take on board what you are saying, you need to address their individual issues; you do this by establishing yourself as an authority. When you are on video and in the spotlight, you need to establish this authority as quickly as possible otherwise people will switch off.

Idea 3: Problem Solving

As human beings, when we come across a problem, our natural instinct is to solve it. In your video(s), if you address some of the most common problems in your industry, you create a connection between yourself and your potential customers and keep them watching and engaged.

Idea 4: Describe A Process

(n.b. this relates a little to option 3 – problem solving!) Perhaps you have a product or service that needs some explanation, or you are talking through some legislation. In which case a video that talks viewers through a process is a fantastic, engaging method for viewers because as humans we are wired to enjoy visual content; we don’t always want to read through pages and pages of instructions.

What To Showcase In Your Video

Idea 1: What Makes You Different From Your Competitors?

You need to understand and believe what your unique selling point (USP) is and you need to sell it in your video; if you work in a competitive industry, this is even more important. What makes you stand out? Why should people come to you rather than your competitors? What can you offer that your competitors can’t? All of this needs to come across in your corporate video.

Idea 2: Start With The Customer and Work Backwards

“Start with the customer and work backwards” was the mission statement of ‘Amazon’ founder, Jeff Bezos, and it is something that we believe should be the mission statement of every business. After all, without customers you wouldn’t be in business. You need to let your potential customers know what you do for them to make them feel valued and special and not just another number. If it’s possible, it would pay dividends to create some video testimonials of past clients or customers giving positive accounts of working with your business.

Idea 3: Make it Easy For Customers To Connect With You

If potential customers have to work to find you they are going to go somewhere else. You can use a number of different avenues, for example – social media, an email address, a phone number, your website or a physical street address. You need to give them a reason to get in touch with you.

Idea 4: Round off Your Video With a ‘Call To Action’

Your ‘Call to Action’ could be within the video itself, on-screen or in the video description – or both. You need to make conversions from your video to a sale as easy as possible. A clear and effective ‘Call to Action’ is crucial to bring visitors from your video into your website, or if they are already on your website, encourage them to find out more about your business and take a look around your site.

This brings us to the end of our short little guide to telling the story of your business with the power of video. We hope you enjoyed reading this and if you have any questions about ideas you have for your video, please get in touch with us.