As a video production company, we love the challenge of coming up with creative and engaging ideas, scripts and storyboards for our clients’ corporate videos. But occasionally clients come to us with a great idea that they have come up with for their video and only require and production and post-production services. Research suggests that the average human attention span is just 8 seconds (Statistic Brain) – that’s less than a goldfish, which have attention spans of 9 seconds!

So how do you optimise your corporate video content, and prepare your script and storyboard in readiness for filming and editing? We have come up with a few ideas to keep you on the straight and narrow when developing the concept for your video:

1. Research

Take a look around the internet and see what other corporate videos have been made that inspire you. Whether this be the style of video, the content, the humor, the graphics, the presenters, the voiceover; all of these things and much more has to be thought about when preparing your corporate video content.

2. Put The Important Information At The Beginning of Your Video

Drop-off rate’s for online video can be high, not always, but sometimes. So it is important that your important information is at the start of your video. This will keep more people watching your video for longer than the ‘average human attention span’ of 8 seconds. You need to start your video off in style, with a bang to maintain the highest number of viewers.

3. Less is More

If you are looking at a final video duration of between 90 seconds and two minutes, you will be surprised at just how quickly that time will get eaten up. So condense your content and get it down to delivering your key messages. Try making a bullet pointed list of your key messages. In a nutshell, your video is there to grab audiences attention and leave them wanting to find out more about your business.

4. Tell A Story

Your corporate video content needs to form some sort of a story; i.e. it needs a beginning, a middle and an end. Depending on the style of video you are going for, the beginning may be introducing your business very briefly, the middle will form the bulk of the message you are trying to deliver and the end will be some sort of a ‘call-to-action’, to encourage viewers to contact you, ask you a question, for example.

Next Steps…

At Visual8 Productions, we can produce your script, storyboard and video concept for you. But we are more than happy for you to carry out this process and we can provide you with feedback; the choice is yours. We always put your target audience first and work backwards, ensuring that the video is developed, filmed and edited with them in mind. If you have an idea for a video that you would like to develop, please get in touch with us.