What is a Video Production Strategy?

Good question! A Video Production Strategy is essentially a ‘plan’ for how you want to ‘showcase’ or ‘share’ your video content; online and offline. It should also include details of what you want your videos to achieve for your business, for example:

– Increased brand awareness
– More leads and clients
– Showcase a new or existing product or service
– Promote your company online and/or offline

Even though posting videos online has proven to produce positive results and increased traffic to your website, randomly posting video will not get you too far in the online marketing world.

To succeed, you need to understand your audience, have a clear idea of the message you want to convey and also have a strong approach on how to persuade them in order to take a positive action after seeing your video(s).

Why online video drives more engagement

The Internet is an extremely visual medium with numerous options of entertainment for  users to get lost in, which makes it a marketer’s ideal tool and the worst nightmare at the same time!

It is the best tool to use because of the vast amount of impressions that you can get for a single piece of advertising while it can be a nightmare due to the amount of competition you have to face when using this medium.

However, if your approach is unique and attractive, you cannot go wrong online. Out of all the methods of digital marketing, online video has proven to be the most effective. Humans are naturally attracted to things that they can hear and see at the same time.

“1 minute of video is equivalent to 1.8 million words”

Forrester Research

If you put yourself in the shoes of your target prospect arriving on your website, would you rather read a long ream of text or watch an engaging, interesting and entertaining video that delivers the same message?

I’m sure you’d opt to watch the video! Not only because it’s more entertaining, but also because it’s more convenient. In this world of sharing experiences, videos dominate the list as one of the most “shareable” mediums as well, meaning that people who watch your video will want to share it with their contacts; increasing your brand awareness.

Why you need a video production strategy

One of the most important things you should remember when producing a video production strategy is that search engines like Google love video content and will favor your website over your competitors who don’t have a video.

Therefore, a well implemented video production strategy will help you secure a higher rank in search results. As mentioned above, a video allows you to tell a story of a thousand words in mere seconds.

The persuasive power of video is equally high. Since you grab the user both visually and audibly throughout your video, they are more likely to take action after watching it.

Next steps…

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