Using Corporate Video in your business, as part of your marketing arsenal is a fantastic strategy in today’s digital and online world. And perhaps you know this already…?

But what’s stopping you? Most likely, the cost. Or should I say, the perception of the cost.

It’s long been a belief that to be able to have, professional a corporate video for your business is going to cost a huge amount of hard earned money. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Typically, a high quality, professional corporate video from us, would cost in the region of £1500 – £5000.

What do you typically get?

What services are typically included?

  • Promo Video (s) | 90-120 secs

  • Social Media Video(s) | 20-30 secs

  • Production Time: 4-6 weeks

  • Analysis of your requirements

  • Creative and Experienced Team

  • Professional 4k Filming

  • Licensed Aerial Filming

  • Video Editing & Motion Graphics

  • Professional Voiceover Artist(s)

  • Professional Presenter(s)

  • Professional Actor(s)

  • Specialist Studio

  • Location Filming


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So What Does A Corporate Video Actually Cost?

I guess that you’ve arrived at this page because you’re thinking about a Corporate Video for your business? And you’re no doubt asking yourself; how much does it cost and is it worth it?

Well, on the question of cost, as you read above, typically about £2,500. Although, if you have some particular requirements, you would need a much higher budget; options that can add to the cost include:

  • A particular or specially written music track

  • A well known Presenter or Voiceover Artist

  • Foreign Voiceover Artist(s)

  • A number of different filming locations

  • Aerial Filming

Is Corporate Video Actually Worth It?

As somebody who makes their living from corporate video, I am probably the wrong person to ask. But just take a look at some quotations from some trusted sources on the topic of corporate video:

59% of senior executives would rather watch a video than read text, Forbes Insight
76% of executives watch business videos at least once a week, including 40% who view them daily, Cisco
Where a web page has video, 60% of visitors will click to watch the videos before ever reading a word, PageWiz

Wrapping Up…

I hope this post has helped clear up a few questions you might have about how much a Corporate Video would cost and given you some food for thought on how to think about your budget and how much to spend.