When deciding to embark upon investing in a video for your business, you may be worried about a limited budget. If you only have a limited budget, there’s no way your low cost video is going to be able to compete with the all singing, all dancing productions those companies with big production budgets can afford, right?

Well, wrong!

Low budget does not have to mean boring, it does not have to mean poor quality. On the contrary. Let’s see what is in the sling shot of the low budget ventures that can bring down the supposed Goliaths in video marketing.

Good old creativity!

Money does not equal art! You cannot buy creativity. A low budget means a higher thought process has to go in to your creation. You have to be original and creative. With a low budget, you will not be tempted to use cliché special effects and your audience will appreciate a fresh, original approach.

Length of Video

With extensive research proving that shorter videos are the most effective, this plays to the strengths of low budget productions. You message will need to be clear and set out economically. Without a big budget, you will not be tempted to meander away from your core message. A low budget forces you to keep your audience focused without wasting time and energy just because you can.

Human Factor

Perhaps the most important of all. Your audience wants honesty and sincerity. You need these to build a rapport with your valued customers, team, or whomever your target audience is. They don’t actually want to see a polished actor with all the special effects behind him or her. When you don’t have these effects factored into your budget, your viewer will see you, not a dazzling display of ‘lights, camera, action’ that those with big budgets will be tempted to use. You are unique so play to your strengths. Let your audience know what you can do for them, not shout about how great you are.

Conclusion: Down you go Goliath!

Creativity, not budget, is worth its weight in gold. The most effective videos are those which are clever, fun, honest and short (believe us, we know!) and none of these factors require a large budget. All they require are good story telling, slick creativity and most importantly of all… your audience needs YOU.

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