According to Forbes this year has been hailed as the ‘Year of Video Marketing’. And it’s no wonder with the advances in technology that have made it easy and fun for businesses to delve into the medium of video marketing and making it a success within the world of social media.
However, making your video a marketing success may not be as easy as it’s cracked up to be. Here are five video marketing strategies you may want to consider before venturing down your exciting new marketing avenue.

#1 Target your Audience

The most obvious thing you should think of when starting out with your video is who your video is going to be aimed at. The tone of your video should vary from audience to audience. Is your video going to be targeted at the younger generation, the older generation? CEO’s or consumers? Is it going to be humorous or educational or both. These are all things that need to be considered when planning your video. Consider that the tone you set will have to compliment your company’s brand and carry through on a series of videos.

#2 Pace Yourself

A series of videos, you cry? Well yes. You schedule regular Facebook posts and twitter posts on your favourite scheduling software, so why not use the same strategy with your video marketing. Don’t just tell everybody about everything at once in one long boring video that no one will watch to the end. Script out your videos into a regular series that will keep your audience engaged and you in their minds for longer than ten minutes.
Having a series of ‘how to’ videos are a great way to accomplish this, solving problems for your audience and establishing yourself as an authority in your field that people will trust and want to come back to again and again.

#3 Engage with your Audience

Keep your audience engaged by finding ways to include them in your campaign. Get customers behind the camera. This course of action will gain more trust and interest from your target audience than seeing run of the mill, scripted videos direct from the company. Have your customers give testimonials or reviews of your products or services and tell your audience how you have managed to fulfil their specific needs.

#4 Keep An Eye on the Statistics

You are not going to get it right first time. You will need to refine and refine your video strategy until you find the perfect formula. Keep an eye on the statistics, especially drop off rates; are your viewers making it through to the end of the video before leaving? Click through rates; is your video causing enough people to want to know more? How many leads is your video generating? By paying close attention to these statistics, you can keep on improving your strategy for maximum effect.

#5 Call to Action

Don’t fall into the trap of creating a fabulous video only to neglect including a call to action at the end. No matter how entertained or impressed your audience have been by your video, if you do not tell them what to do next, they’re going to leave without going any further. Make your call to action clear and concise, making it easy for your viewers to take the next step, call upon your services or buy your product. There is no point to your video unless you make it clear of how to do this.


Bearing all these points in mind, you’ll be well on the way to putting together a highly successful video marketing strategy. It might not be as easy as hitting the play button and recording a fantastic video, but with the right plan, video marketing can take your business to the next level.


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